Building a Proto-Jarvis to Help with Content Creation

Hello, I have a pretty extensive folder structure, and the overall file size is bigger than 300gb because of all of my video files. I wanted to unite my content files with my folder structure of my second brain.

While my goals are much more than just creating content, or even writing books. I wanted a system that could do it all. From what I saw in the plugins directory, of which I have gone through all 1000 items four times now; There is a lot to be had from this tool.

I started out with moving from Notion, which I used for years, and creating my own brain in called the PolyInnovation Operating System. More than PARA or GTD, and built from the ground up in tools like Notion or Obsidian in mind.

I’ve come to the roadblock that is plugins and large lexicon-like vaults. I know that my size is about 3-4,000 notes. The gb mentioned above is due to youtube video raw and final cut files. They don’t seem to impact Ob’s performance much, as it is just looking for written files.

However when I have tried plugins like Projects,, Alternative file tree, and more. They all either break, or in the case of alt file tree straight up just freeze.

In notion I did well with content planning, super well in fact, but I failed to journal. Keep track of exercise or habits. Not to mention even get started on task management ironically. (couldn’t merge database uses).

I could really use some help from the community because Projects or Make were going to be my saving grace. Yet I’ve talked to Marcus from Projects, and my issues are seemingly beyond what he can do (he’s focused on more important functions of the plugin so no worries).

I don’t know what to do, I figured maybe I could repurpose another plugin to help me plan my content (first priority), but even other plugins like incremental writing failed to work as well. When I say fail I mean like you would press a button that would work in a blank vault, but with any sort of size, it just literally does nothing (that is the issue with

-Dustin M. PolyInnovator

Are you using any folders? I wouldn’t expect your number of notes to break plugins, and I would expect Obsidian plugins to be prepared to handle a single folder of many files, but in general sometimes dividing files into folders can help apps handle them. I have ~8,000 files and none of the problems you describe (but I also haven’t tried those particular plugins).

As a test, consider moving those video files out of the vault (or maybe better, copy the notes into a new vault) to see if it behaves any better. As you say, they generally shouldn’t hurt Obsidian’s performance, but may as well eliminate the possibility.

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