Build in Textconversion like Texcraft would be awesome

Hi. Textconversion is very important when using text and Markdown. In the old days I used an Windows Software EditPad Pro that could handle all kind of text format. But the most important was that it has a lot build in text conversion like upper case, lowercase, removing enters, …
Today if you look at a tool like Textcraft it can do a lot more on iphone, ipad and mac. To bad not on Windows.
But having tools like this build in Obsidian or as plugin would be super great.
This are some the conversion Textcraft can do:
90+ Text Transformations
Upper Case, Lower Case, Word Case, Alternating Case, Remove All Spaces, Remove Multiple Spaces, Add Spaces, Reversed Characters, Reversed Words, Replace Spaces with Underscores, Replace Underscores with Spaces, Replace Spaces with Dashes, Replace Dashes with Spaces, Replace Underscores with Dashes, Replace Dashes with Underscores, Initials, Initials with Dot Separation, Initials with Dash Separation, Initials with Underscore Separation, ROT13, Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikethrough, Slashthrough, Upside Down, Bubble, Filled Bubble, Square, Filled Square, Cursive, Gothic, Monospace, Demonic, Satanic, Replace Spaces with Claps, Replace Words with Emoji, Remove Emoji, Remove Punctuation, Classified, Hashtags, Full Stops, Remove Links, Strip HTML, URL Encoded,