Build in full screen mode, like really full screen

something like zen mode in VC
i want write novel in ob

hide everything, but text.

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You can already achieve this with plugins. Explore the gallery. There are a variety that will help you, including one that maximizes the current pane to fill the entire app.

perfect feature request, i want this mode too.

which is the plugin that can make the screen mode. i am eager to use this mode

Build-in command in command palette can close your left and right sidebar.
After doing that, you may want to hide robbins, title, state bar since they are left on screen.
Hider can hide these things.

I don’t know if it is the effect you want.

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i have learned what u said. thanks. In fact,i want the effetc that like Scrivener. Scrivener is a writer tool

I guess full screen should be the last step?
You can find relative plugin if you search focus mode in community plugins
Further more, if you want typewriter mode, Typewriter scroll obsidian plugin or Scroll offset can achieve this.

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