Build an editable note listing all external links?

I want to programatically build a note (or an external file) that renders a list of every outgoing link in my notes. I realise I can extract search results for the term ‘https’ into a note, using…


…but that renders a clickable list, each item of which is a link to the note containing the link. Instead, I want a flat, editable, note or external file, preferably also showing for each link the title of its containing note.

I searched unsuccessfully for a plugin to do this. Is it possible within Obsidian without writing code?

If you couldn’t find a plugin, you might need to use an external app.

Just to say … I asked ChatGPT to write a small Python app to do this … it took around half an hour, mainly refining the chat prompts to get exactly what I wanted … the speed and efficiency of developing code like this was quite astonishing.

Agreed. Except for me the target languages have been perl and SQL (as implemented in SQLite). On other tasks it has offered me sample python code but so far no time to investigate whether those suggestions will work or match my requirements.

To make the links editable in a new note, just do a dataview (possibly heavily reliant on javascript) query from Templater.

However, what’s the point since this will not change the original links?! In other words, what is your use case: why do you want to do this, or what do you hope to achieve?

Thanks for your suggestion. I’ll try that.

Why do I want this? To build an independently editable reading list, reordering the links and removing those that aren’t of immediate interest.

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