[Bug] [user error?] Edit pane cut off (by accident?)


[X] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v 1.0.4

I was trying to use the mobile Android app and somehow I triggered this: when I toggle (set to toggle edit/preview on pull down) into edit mode (or just tap the edit mode icon) the edit pane only shows 2 or maybe 3 lines of text and then blank screen below that. You can drag the content up and down to actually see it in the tiny window of viewable lines, but it makes it basically useless to edit properly now.

Is this a “feature” that I accidentally triggered or does this sound like a bug?

If the former, how do I make it go back to normal?


  • Dave

I just rebooted my phone and it’s back to normal now, so maybe it’s both a bug and user error (for not trying that before posting this)

Nevermind that last post. It’s started again, although this time there’s at least a bigger window.

One possibility: I just started using more than one language (learning Korean) on the same file - would that do this?

I think I figured it out. I had a theme on: Notation

Once I turned it off that’s seemed to have fixed it