[Bug] - Typing '|' while linking a note doesn't fill the note's name

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open [[ brackets to start creating the link. The tooltip with note suggestions will show up.
  2. Start typing a name of the note [[Te. Note in question is called “Testing”
  3. Type | to change display text
  4. You end up with [[Te|

Expected result

Instead of ending up as [[Te| it should end up as [[Testing|]], same as it would when pressing # instead of |.

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A user could explicitly intend to provide a link to a note “Te”. Obsidian does not interfere if you then type a character like | to start a display text (alias), or # to link to a header, or ^ to link to a block. If you instead want to use the suggestion, then either

  • hit Tab: This autocompletes the currently selected suggestion.


  • hit Enter to create the link to the suggestion, then arrow back to add the display text.

Well pressing # or ^ will autocomplete the word from autosuggestion and put # or ^ after the note’s name, even if without pressing Tab.

This is more a matter of consistency then it is an issue for me. Hitting Tab is a good “workaround” and only one more button for desired action but it is inconsistent with other two options.

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