[Bug] Trying to insert attatchment, but nothing happens


[ ] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.2

I try to insert any attachment into my note (tried image and audio so far), but nothing happens. The file doesn’t appear in my note, nor do I get a copy of the file in my vault anywhere.

I am using Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro, if that does any help.

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Please, post a screen recording.

I hope this is good enough. :sweat_smile:

Similar problem in my Android phone.
I am using Obsidian v1.0.4

Having the same issue lately on my chromebook.

Running version 1.0.4 for Android

I’ve got myself a new phone, and this problem doesn’t happen on it, thankfully. I hope others with the same issue find a solution that works, though.