[Bug]? Time Modified on iOS for vault inconsistent


[X ] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.1.0

I am not using any sync system as I need to be in control of my data at all times.

I manually sync my obsidian vault from my Mac to my iPad or iPhone by opening the mobile device in a finder window. Selectings the files section, and dragging my entire Obsidian Vault folder onto the Obsidian section.
This works well except that that I cannot verify that the mobile has the latest copy because it often defaults to a time modified of 5:15 am no matter what time it is when I am doing the transfer and even if I know I have made changes in the Mac Obsidian vault (adding notes, editing notes etc.) since the early morning.

So I just did a test:
Open Obsidian on myMac and make a lot of changes including adding several new notes and creating links in older notes.
Quit Obsidian on the Mac. (I did not want it running when I moved the folder over to the iOS device)
Open the iPad in a finder window.
Open the Files section
Open the Obsidian folder
Drag the entire Obsidian vault on the iPad into the Obsidian folder
and I got this.

It’s 1:42pm right now in my location

Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 1.33.28 PM

Is there any way I can verify that everything is actually correctly moved over?

So far my use in Mobile is almost entirely read only. I do nearly all of my actual note creation and editin on my main machine. I put onto the mobile device a lot of things I need to look up when I am away from my desk. I am moving this set of stuff out of DEVONThink and into Obsidian.

I will move this to the help section.

Does drag and drop work for you?

Yes and no. Yes, I can drag and drop the entire Obsidian vault folder from Mac to ipad or iPhone and back again.
No, in that since the time is not accurate for the latest change or even the time I moved the folder I cannot for sure verify that everything has been moved correctly.

Part of the problem is iOS because there is no progress bar on file moves unlike normal finder moves. Generally though I can tell if things have been properly transferred by checking the date and with Obsidian this is not correct.

Checking the date of folders may not be accurate. Is the actual file content updated or not?

Even if this is a bug, this sound more like a Mac/IOs bug than obsidian’s since Obsidian is not even involved in this transfer.

It appears so but not 100% sure. I did not track every change I made to go and verify they were all there. I will try to do more testing today and verify.

I would normally agree except that for all other file and folder types I move manuallly, the time modified is correct. Since I cannot use cloud services I do all of that sort of sync via manual drag and drop or via my own WebDAV server system. Obsidian is the only one that shows a discrepancy between the time modified on my mac and the time shown as modified on my iOS devices.

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