[Bug] The space bar deletes the last character

Android (xiaomi miui)
Obsidian Mobile version: v1.2.2

There is this very annoying problem. Every time that, instead of writing on a new line of a note, i modify an already existent line (where i already wrote in the past), when i press the space bar, instead of printing the space as it should normally do, it deletes the last character of the word.
This happens only the first time i press the space bar, so first time i press space the last character gets deleted, the second time it succeeds to print the space, but the same happens at every following word.

I have this problem as well and can confirm that it is massively annoying. It is just as the user above describes, although it doesn’t happen at all locations, it seems to be dependent on the surrounding letters perhaps… but if you then start writing then you add the letter and that seems to kill it. This makes the mobile app unusable. As a paying user of Sync I’m not thrilled about this.

which virtual keyboard are you using? Does it happen with gboard?

Gboard, yes

I can’t reproduce this on my phone. Can you post a screen recording of this happening in vault with restricted mode and and default theme?

An update on this: I switched to using a different keyboard (AnySoftKeyboard) and it has resolved the problem. I still think there is an Obsidian related issue as the old keyboard didn’t have the issue in any other app.

Here’s some notes I made while trying to figuring out exactly what happens:

 It is not possible to type "Jen c" in obsidian because the cursor jumps backwards to the start of the line

It is also not possible to write "Jex " because the cursor jumps back to the start of the line again. The space will be there, so you can just put the cursor back, but it's very disruptive.

The behavior is different if the "Jen " is in a sentence rather than the start of a line. In that case, each time you press space acts as a backspace.

The key difference between sentence and start of the line seems to be whether there is a space already on the line. If there is a space, then space deletes, while if there is no space, it causes a jump to the start of the line.

That's not quite right because "Testing gdgdjJdhdgabcdefghijklmn " is OK

And the behaviour isn't even entirely reproducible... typing "Jen " just comverted itself to "JeJen " after pressing space

I can’t see how to attach a video of the screen recording