[Bug] Text not wrapping on iPad 15 in edit mode

Text not wrapping on iPad 15 in edit mode.


[ X] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.xx

Text not wrapping on iPad 15 in edit mode. It wraps on Preview mode, but not on Edit mode. In edit mode I have to move page around (scroll left/right etc) to see all my text.

Yes, I did turn on/off "Readable line length to see if that worked. Either way did nothing.

Doesn’t do this on my PC version.

FYI, I am using NO community plugins, just core plugins.

Also not seeing Live Preview on the ipad??


I assume you mean iPadOS 15?

Do you mean that you can’t see the whole page on one screen. e.g. the page is larger than the screen?

It’s working fine on my iPad. what type of iPad are you using Mini? Standard iPad, Air or Pro. This may have a bearing on what you’re seeing and be crucial to recreate and find a fix.

Yes, not all text is showing. I have to scroll to see it all.

IPad Pro w/OS 15
Default install of Obsidian… no community plugins.

Which iPad are you using? Not which version of the OS, which hardware?

IPad Pro. What do you mean hardware?
If its what I think you mean… iPad Pro

Anyone else can help?

What size?

I’m on a 12.9” iPad Pro and I don’t see this behaviour.

Yeah, 12.9"

Also, I do have Line Wrap on too.

What about a theme? Did you try switching back to the default theme? Did you test in the Help Vault?

As for Live Preview, as far as I know from the releases in Discord, mobile is only up to matching version 0.12.19 on desktop so far.

Includes all new functionality and bug fixes up to Obsidian Desktop v0.12.19

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Hmmm… I did set it back to the default theme and that work.

But here is what is weird.

I took the Obsidians default app.css and copied to my themes folder and just changed several colors. That’s it.

Why doesn’t it work with practically the same exact theme?


I think I figured it out.

On my PC is where i copied the CSS and edited.

I then put it on my ipad app… css and all.

And since the desktop version is newer than the iPad version… i bet some css code is different between the iPad and PC.

Does that sound about right?

Could be! I know a lot has changed in the past few months, including changing from CodeMirror 5 to 6, and I bet themes have had to update quite a bit too.

Yeah, I am familiar with CSS (used to do web design). So, I am sure that when they did that quick Live Preview update on desktop app they must of changed or added some style that broke when I sent it to my iPad, which is an update behind. That’s a bummer for me. Being a free personal user I don’ have sync, so I have to manually copy files between my Google Drive. And I so I just copy the whole Vault because trying to remember which files to update is hard considering all the files have.

I hope that when Obsidian does an update that they update ALL their apps at ONE TIME so I am sure that both my desktop app and iPad are the same exact version.

I hope they read this, because that is an issue for some people. I want the same theme for both my devices. But, as it stands, after I copy my file from desktop to iPad (and visa-versa), I have to remember to go and set the theme to the default on the iPad or change it back to my theme on the desktop.

I don’t care that they change the default theme (I can go and red-edit the colors). But when the desktop theme has been changed functionally compared to the iPad one (because it hasn’t updated yet)… that is what causes the problem.


Well, after researching some ways to get around Obsidians update breaking my iPad version. I was able to figure out how to just do the snippets to change what I need changed.

This way if Obsidian changes the app.css and they update the desktop at a different time than iPad, hopefully I can avoid this mess.

Using snippets gets me away from using my own (or others) themes incase Obs. updates their app.css.

We’ll see though.

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