[Bug] Text Editor: Removing letters from a list causes a jump to another item


Env1: Does not reproduce on iOS.
Env2: Android 10, 1.2.0 (50), API v0.14.2.
Env3: Android 12, 1.2.2 (56), API v0.14.15.


  • Create a note
  • Create a list of at least 3 items inside the note (bullet, numbered or checkbox)

Steps to reproduce

  • Select the end of the line of the third item
  • Hold down the delete key on your keyboard

Expected result

The action must remove all items sequentially.

Actual result

The action causes a jump between items in the list and may remove an element that you did not intend to remove.



Sorry for the first video, it’s too long and I tried to reload it but I don’t have access.
There you can see that this problem works not only for items in the list, but for different lines in general:

Keyboard on Android 10 - Open Board (open source keyboard, you can find it on Github)
Android 12 - Samsung Keyboard