[Bug] Text editing gets corrupted/red dots sometimes using Samsung Keyboard (Android/Samsung)

BTW the issue is with the writing assistant, which suggest grammar and such.

I just started having the same issue after an Android software update "One UI 5 Upgrade (Android 13).

Obsidian v1.0.3 on Android Galaxy s22 Ultra.
Android 13 one UI version 5.0.

If “Predictive Text” is enabled, keyboard flashes open and closed a while text is selected and de-selected.

I’m seeing this too since the latest Android upgrade.
Defaults make the application unusable.
Tested in safe mode with no plugins enabled

Example attached

Disabling predictive text is a workaround for now.

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Same here, samsung keyboard, same behavior as the above screen grab

Following. Having the same issue. Disabled predictive text

Is there a way to only disable predictive text for Obsidian?

I’m experiencing the same issue with the Samsung keyboard blinking in and out when attempting to edit a document in Obsidian. Another workaround, when you need to continue to have auto-correct and prediction, is to install Gboard (Google Keyboard) from the Play Store. It works flawlessly with Obsidian.

This should be somewhat better in 1.4.2 but is not completely fixed.

I’m having the same issue described in the screenshots above with the flickering keyboard and red and white control characters. Editing is unusable on mobile without disabling predictive text on Samsung keyboard. Only workaround is to restore old versions using obsidian sync.

Obsidian 1.4.1
Samsung Galaxy A52
Android 13 OneUI 5.0

Can confirm the same issue with the samsung keyboard on a Zfold4. Took me a while to find this.

Turning off predictive text does resolve it entirely. Obsidian is the only app that seems to have this problem. At least there’s a workaround. Happy to help test beta versions or something to try to resolve it.

Consolidating [Bug] Uncontrollable select/deselect after Android 13 update - Mobile - Obsidian Forum under this issue.

Hi all.

I am in the middle of chasing down this issue and I would like your help in testing something:

  1. Check what version of Samsung keyboard you currently have installed. You can do this by opening the keyboard itself, pressing the settings button on the toolbar, scrolling down and hitting “About Samsung Keyboard”
  2. Try turning Predictive Text back on and see if you can still reproduce the issue on some of your notes.
  3. If you can reproduce, try updating the Samsung keyboard to the latest version ( or newer)
  4. See if this is now fixed with this latest version.

Please report back what version of Samsung keyboard you were on currently, and whether you were able to update to a newer version. Let me know if you were able to reproduce the issue with the older and new versions as well.

Thank you!

I can confirm this reproduces on samsung S22 with no plugins with samsung keyboard, android v13, obsidian 1.4.3. It does not reproduce with predictive text turned off but i believe i figured out that it only seems to occur when i have a bulleted list in the note and does not once i remove the list. Another behavior that i do not see mentioned but is tied to the predictive text setting is that it randomly adds new lines at the end and sometimes where the cursor is causing the cursor to move and the view to scroll. (I have a screen recording if it helps). Reproduces/doesnt reproduce with that same setting so i assume its related. Im literally just trying the app out for the first time and this has made it quite unusable on mobile but im glad i found a temporary solution.

I updated samsung keyboard to and with predictive text turned back on it does not seem to reproduce the issue anymore at least the way i experienced it in my above comment.

I apologize. I dont mean to spam but it appears that it was only corrected in my test note and does indeed still reproduce with samsung keyboard in my original note that i was editing. Turning off predictive text does seem to resolve this as a workaround (assuming im testing correctly this time) i apologize for the confusion.

We are getting some external confirmation that this is indeed a Samsung problem and should addressed in One UI 5.1. Let us know if that’s true and what keyboard version you have.

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If this is a Samsung issue, why is it not seen in any other application. As stated here by others, I do not see this keyboard cyclic flashing and corrupted input in any other application. This is a critical problem, long standing.

It is seen in other apps:

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Installed One UI 5.1 and it’s fixed for me. Reactivated prediction and emojis too.

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