[bug] sync resulting in labels missing from graph view

I don’t have any third-party plugins nor custom CSS

Steps to reproduce

I followed the instructions to set up sync in iCloud, creating a duplicate of my Obsidian vault there.
I don’t have any third-party plugins nor custom CSS

Expected result

I opened the vault on my MacBook, expecting it to look and behave the same as the local copy.

Actual result

Labels are missing from graph view when accessing the vault on my MacBook. If I move the mouse around the graph view, a label will briefly flicker in then out of view when the pointer is near a node.
It is behaving normally on iOS on my iPhone.
I created a new vault locally on the MacBook & copied the files back & that is behaving normally…the issue seems specific to viewing the iCloud synced vault on the MacBook.


  • Operating system: Mac OS Bis Sur
  • Obsidian version: 1.0.4 (21)

Additional information

I don’t understand what is your problem? What is missing?

The text labels for each node

What happens when you zoom in?

Profound apologies, that was it (I’m new to Obsidian)…still having issues, but due to new set up with MacBook attached to Magic Mouse & separate monitor - can’t get the mouse or +/- keys to change the zoom in graph view - but I’m sure I’ll work it out. Many thanks for taking the time to help.

Side note: I have just noticed that you incorrectly installed the mobile version on desktop.
On desktop you need to install from here: https://obsidian.md/

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