[BUG] sub sub menus do not behave correctly

When using the undocumented method MenuItem#setSubmenu() to create a sub-menu within a sub-menu, so a sub-sub-menu, the sub-sub-menu behaves incorrectly.

I observe the following behavior:

  • When hovering on the sub-menu item to open the sub-sub-menu, the sub-sub-menu opens as expected.
  • When moving the mouse of the sub-menu item the sub-sub-menu should close, but that does not happen.
  • When hovering over another sub-menu item that has a sub-sub-menu associated, that sub-sub-menu does not open.
  • The sub-sub-menu stays open until you hover over another menu item that has a sub-menu associated with it and that sub-menu opens.


First, I hovered over Input Field and currently my mouse is over View Field but the sub-sub-menu for View Field does not open. (The menus were added with a plugin. I am not aware of any sub-sub-menus in base obsidian.)

Any update on this?