[Bug] right menu defaults to backlinks pane instead of index


[ ] iOS
[X] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.15 but also had it on 14.

when you swipe to open the right menu it always defaults to the backlinks pane, even if you also have calendar on that menu? I always have to go “back” to the screen from backlinks to the “select either backlinks or calendar” screen and I 99.9% of the time want calendar, not backlinks.

@koala confirmed the behavior in the discord after a restart.


Thanks for posting. On an iPadPro, I do not even get to see the Calendar (I assume 3rd party) plugin. My ONLY option is Backlinks, which I already have in a Panel.

Updated 4/9 - same thing happening on iPad Mini with latest iPadOS app v0.0.16(3).

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I also had this happen to me on iOS. Since the symbol to move “back” :arrow_left: to the main menu was next to the link symbol for the backlinks :link:, I figured this was two symbols that represented ‘back’+‘link’. This made it hard to know that I needed to click the “back” arrow.