[BUG] “Rename File” shortcut is no longer functional on iOS

[X] iOS
Obsidian Mobile version: 1.4.2 (94), API v1.1.15

Following the most recent update, activating the “rename file” shortcut does not allow me to edit the name of the file. I’m working on an iPad Pro with the Apple Magic Keyboard. My “rename file” shortcut is set to “Command + 4”. When I press this combination of keys, nothing happens. I can now only rename a file by pressing the “more options” button in the top right section of the screen.

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I can reproduce this.

It looks like the update accidentally remapped the default rename file hotkey to F2, which obviously doesn’t exist on iOS.

For now you can re-set that hotkey in Settings → Hotkeys.

does rename from command palette work without external keyboard?

I don’t see a problem in Android. so likely is an iOS problem
this is a problem regardless of the hotkey


Yep! It’ll also work after re-mapping the hotkey.

The trouble is that the hotkey is now assigned to F2 by default, which doesn’t (typically) exist in iOS.

I am having the same problem (rename hotkey/shortcut not working) on a Macbook Pro:

  • F2 Mapping does not work (I have an F2)
  • Remapping to another hotkey does not fix the problem
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will be fixed 1.4.3

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Correction on Macbook pro renaming issue:

  • I am coming back to Obsidian after a couple years away and expected the rename action to open an editable textbox in the file tree when focused on a file in the file tree, not in the pane title bar when focused in the pane
  • My remapped key now clearly allows renaming the pane title bar, but only when focused in the pane

@JakubSvec you don’t have this problem. If you have a problem on desktop, open a bug report in the appropriate category and make sure it happens in the sandbox vault.

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