[Bug] pasting a URL after pressing the Link button results in double formatting



Obsidian Mobile version: v1.3.1

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Safari (Update: This happens anywhere in iOS when a link is copied via the Share Sheet).
  2. Visit a webpage.
  3. Tap the Share button, then choose Copy.
  4. Open a note in Obsidian.
  5. Type some text.
  6. Select it.
  7. Tap the “Link” icon in the toolbar.
  8. Paste the URL.

What was expected


What actually occurred

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I’m not seeing this. I tried it on iPhone using finger and on iPad using Cmd V.

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That’s interesting. It only happens when you copy a link from Safari using the Copy function in the Share Sheet. I’ll update the issue.

Ah, OK, I see it when I do that. I normally long press the address bar/tab/thumbnail.

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I…didn’t know you could do that. I have been tapping into the field if I want to copy the URL that way. Thanks!

Not that that changes this bug, of course.

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+1 from me, and see also this bug

Yes, that seems to be the same bug.


[x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.2.2 (56)

On desktop, if I copy and paste a url, I get the URL:


On mobile, when I paste a URL, I get markdowned text:


I expect mobile paste to work like desktop and paste the

This happens with safe mode on in the default theme after a restart.


+1 – this drives me crazy, and I still see it in v1.4.1 (83)!!

Am I missing some setting that lets me turn this off?

I often type the beginnings of a link, e.g. I type:


and then I want to paste … but when I do that I get redundant brackets that I have to clean up, which is really touchy w/ an iOS text editor.

Thank you!



Still running into this issue on iOS, more often at the moment as there’s a mobile app with links I frequently want to save into an obsidian file, and very annoying on a phone having to fix every single time with:

  • paste link and get e.g. [](https://example.com/link)
  • delete closing paren
  • press and hold space bar and drag cursor to just the right place
  • delete brackets and opening paren

Seems simple enough to just not add the markdown cruft by default if there’s no title in the clipboard data…would love to see this fixed!

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If paste as plain text is not available in iOS context menu (and this would be an iOS limitation), you can disable html->markdown conversion globally in settings->editor->Auto Convert HTML

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Thanks! Indeed may be an iOS quirk in need of some better workaround. But also seems that turning off this setting does not mitigate the issue.

I’m copying a link from Bluesky (share → copy from a post)

When I paste it here in the discourse composer I get the raw url as expected:


Ditto pasting in iA Writer iOS app, just as example of another markdown editor handling as expected.

But pasted in obsidian iOS I get it wrapped in markdown with no title like so: [](https://bsky.app/profile/generativist.xyz/post/3ju2k4gygq52e)

This shouldn’t be html just a plain link so maybe it’s unrelated to the “auto convert html” setting, not sure.

Let me know if any other testing / info may be helpful in getting to the bottom of the issue!

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I think this has come up before in the forum. Have you searched?

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Try using Obsidian’s “Paste” command.

With the link in my clipboard, using the iOS context menu paste, I get:


Swiping down (command palette) and choosing “Paste”, I get:


(Auto convert HTML is toggled on.)


Yep I’ve definitely searched. I see this has been merged - seems like variations of the same root issue coming up.

Thanks, confirming the paste command works as expected. Only problem is it’s way more of a hassle to access compared to the native iOS paste command.

The solution here I guess then = the default iOS “paste” should behave identically to obsidian command palette “paste”.

Hopefully a clear enough step by step repro above to finally get this fixed!

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[x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.2.2 (56)

On mobile

  • highlight a word
  • select the link button from the toolbar
  • Obsidian puts single brackets around the highlighted word and puts the cursor between two parentheses, so you can paste the link
  • when you paste the link, Obsidian pastes markdowned text inside the parentheses instead of just pasting the URL.

instead of pasting:


It pasted:


So you get

[highlighted word]([](https://discord.com/))

I would expect that if I paste a URL after selecting a word and using the toolbar’s link button, Obsidian would paste the raw URL.

Happens in safe mode in default theme.

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Bumping because this bug persists. Slightly different but I think related to what’s described in the OP and in the latest post, which I can also repro.

May be same underlying issue — I think this would fix both!

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Will be fixed in the next release.


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