[Bug] Obsidian on Linux doesn't show correct "Created at" file timestamp

On Linux Obsidian doesn’t show correct “Created” timestamp on files, instead it always shows “1970-01-01 02:00” (see screenshot). Sort using “Created” doesn’t work either (apparently because Obsidian think that all files have the same timestamp).

Expected result

I expect Obsidan to show correct “Created” timestamp and sort files based on it.

Actual result

It doesn’t.


Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS x86_64, Obsidian AppImage v1.3.5

Additional information

The same vault works correctly on Windows and MacOS (Obsidian see timestamps and able to sort files based on it). I’m attaching screenshots to compare behaviour on Windows and Linux.


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Some Linux filesystem do not support creation time.

The vault is on FAT32 fylesystem.

I think that problem is that stat function doesn’t provide “created” timestamp, but statx (introduced to kernel in 4.11) does return created timestamp when underlaying FS supports it, so why not implement it?

We get what comes from electron.

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