[Bug] New .md files in Dropbox web browser does not sync to iOS or iPadOS


[X] iOS

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.1.1

I have uploaded an .md file to my Obsidian vault via the Dropbox web browser interface on a desktop where Obsidian is not installed. The .md file does not show up in Obsidian on neither iOS og iPadOS even though the sync log says “Fully synced”.

The .md files did not show up in iOS or iPadOS until I opened Obsidian on my desktop.

I am using Obsidian Sync. My Obsidian vault is located in a Dropbox folder.

I am surprised you think this is a bug.

  1. You upload a file using dropbox web interface.

  2. Dropbox needs to be running on your desktop to download this file.

  3. Obsidian needs to be running on the desktop to detect the new file and upload it to the remote vault.

  4. Obsidian needs to be running on your mobile to download this file from the remove vault.

I’m sorry - to me it was a bug, because it did not behave as I expected. Is there anyway I can get the iOS and iPadOS to sync, when the .md files are edited in the Dropbox cloud, so I don’t have to be depend on running the desktop?

I am sorry, this is not possible. The app has to be running to detect the changes. You are making the changes in the dropbox cloud, Obsdian doesn’t have access to the dropbox cloud.

Thanks for your quick reply. I really appreciate it. It is just because I am trying to find a way to be able to edit existing notes and add new notes, when I am not at my private computer, and I don’t want to install Obsidian or my vault on that computer, and I want it to sync across all my devices (desktop, iOS, iPadOS).

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