[Bug] more consistent back navigation on Android


[ ] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.4

I’m hesitant to flag this as a bug, but I believe there’s a inconsistency in the way the Android app handles the backwards navigation through the menu at the bottom of every screen. This can be very frustrating at times.

When navigating through notes, the back button serves to navigate back from the current note to the previous one. This is muscle memory for any Android user, and consistent with conventions in the OS.

But when the app is first opened —and this may take seconds— the semantics of the same back button cause the app to close. And to make things worse, the app closes completely, having to start the loading of vault, Plugins and cache all over again.

This is a seemingly small annoyance, but muscle memory causes me to close obsidian Every. Single. Time.

I was wondering if anybody knows a workaround for it, or whether there’s something developers could do to improve this behaviour?



+1 This.
I’d also add the following as a feature request:

  • More consistent back navigation in the settings menu.

Back is usually meant to return to the previous page, but in some submenus, the back button completely closes the settings, yet in some others it goes back to he previous menu fine.

  • Make back button close image view.

  • Make back button workable in the pick vaults menues.


+1 for me. It’s a small nuisance, admittedly, but jarring every time I mean to go back to the main settings menu and am instead kicked out to the main vault page.

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