[Bug] Microsoft Swiftkey keyboard input bugs


[ ] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.1

‘long press back button to delete whole words’ option in Microsoft Swiftkey keyboard does not work inside obsidian v1.1.
Long pressing the back button instead just normally deletes letter one by one.
Used to work fine in before obsidian mobile v1.1



[ ] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.4

If I use autocomplete when typing in Thai, the zero width space character (\u200b) appears after the word (a little red dot). It also sometimes automatically selects it and gives me the option to cut/copy/paste.

It looks like this:
Pasting that text anywhere other than Obsidian seems fine, here it is: สวัสดี​ครับ​

I can’t delete it, and it causes the keyboard and cursor behaviour to mess up. The only way I can get rid of it is to try to select it and then “cut” (backspace won’t clear it). The only way I can type in Thai is to type every letter and not use the autocomplete.

I’m using Microsoft Swiftkey keyboard. I’ve been using this keyboard since way back in the day when before Microsoft owned it, and I’ve never seen this issue in any other app (Discord, Slack, any other note taking tool). It also doesn’t happen in the file name - only in the actual editor.

I have the Samsung keyboard too in this phone and it doesn’t cause this issue in Obsidian, so something about the way Swiftkey does its autocomplete isn’t playing ball with Obsidian.

Edit: Also does it in safe mode with the default theme
Edit: A thought… is Swiftkey perhaps using this character to override the default autocomplete behaviour which is to insert a space… (since Thai isn’t meant to have spaces) - I’ll see if I can mess around with that

Most probably. Let us know. And please update your title: [Bug] isn’t really meaningful … :wink:

Apologies, I intended to go back and fill in a good title and forgot.

I can’t find anything in the Swiftkey options to play with regarding that behaviour sadly.

I installed Chinese to try it out to see if it’s similar. I can only randomly press letters since I don’t know Chinese - but that seems to come up with the red dot \u200b character from time to time. Not as often as Thai, but it’s there. Not sure why Obsidian in particular wants to display that character (and subsequently start behaving oddly when the cursor goes near it) but nothing else does.

I guess I can switch keyboards in the meantime as a workaround.

Hi there, I was able to replicate the same problem but with the built in Samsung Keyboard (I’ve a S20plus). Obsidian mobile is the latest 1.1.0(38).

But my problem seems worse.

The entire note’s commands or markdown will be replaced with the zero width space character once I place the cursor (anywhere) on the note. Even before I can type anything.

Thanks to @CalmDownMonkey , I tried changing keyboards and using Swype, there was no issues.

Wanted to share so in case there are anyone else there who faced the same issue, this is a workaround.

What Swype keyboard? I can’t find it on Google store.

Same issues on Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Exynos running latest firmware and Obsidian version. This problem is only when trying to type in Obsidian.

  • when long pressing Backspace it deletes characters one by one instead of whole words
  • pressing “.” or “,” makes cursor to move one character back and I have press the button again to type the desired character

Sorry I missed your msg, previously on the Google Play store it’s the Swift Keyboard by Nunace Communications. It’s old (last updated 2018) but it’s the other keyboard I had installed and it works fine inside Obsidian.

This is also a problem with GBoard, as well as with physical keyboards (Bluetooth, or in my case the cover keyboard of my Tab S8+).

To summarize, long pressing the backspace button should start deleting word-by-word instead of letter-by-letter after a certain delay, but it doesn’t. By extension I have found another related bug, Ctrl+Backspace also does not delete word by word.

Quite annoying, but Obsidian is too amazing for it to be a deal-breaker. I still encounter the problem like every minute though, long-press delete/ctrl-backspace is a common action.

I have the same issue on Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard but I use the swipe left instead of long pressing backspace. Either of them only removes one word at a time.
All the other apps I have delete whole sentence when I swipe left to delete a word.

Galaxy S10e
One UI 4.1 Android 12.
MS SwiftKey
Obsidian mobile 1.2.0

this should be fixed in mobile v1.3


Thanks! the bugs seem fixed now!

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