[Bug] iPad:unable to call out context menu for selected text

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[x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.4.0(74)

Some plugins, such as the core plugin note composer, needs to be triggered when the text is

This is used to be finished by using context menu when the text is selected. However, currently, it seems that the context menu cannot be call out after text is selected.

This affects other plugins, such as Copy Block Link.

I also tried to use the command pane, the command “Show Context Menu Under Cursor” does not work after text is selected, either.

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My workaround for this is to add the command palette to the mobile toolbar (Settings > Mobile). If it’s not in the list of available items, you can add it from the bottom).

Thanks for the advice.

I have set cmd+p for calling out the command palette and also some other hotkeys for the commands which were in the context menu, which can be another work around, i think.

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This is how it works and CawlinTeffid is the solution.
You can add the command palette or that specific command to the mobile bar.

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