[bug] iPad: can’t access any version snapshots in file recovery

Steps to reproduce

Select File Recovery, select view snapshots, see text to select file from left

Expected result

See list of files on left or be able to access files on left

Actual result

Do not see files on left and cannot swipe from left sidebar to make anything Appear.

I also tried pinching to make text smaller to maybe show more screen, and that didn’t do anything.


  • Operating system: iOS on iPad
  • Obsidian version: 0.0.17 (4)

Additional information

Default CSS. Safe mode on.

This is not the right section for bug reports on the mobile app. Use #mobile and read the pinned message again.

I don’t follow. Pinned message says: “Let us know the bugs and requests you have with the mobile app. Currently in internal testing phase.”

Are you saying I should move to Bugs and tag as #mobile instead of post here?


Fixed as of 0.0.18.

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