bug/IOS15 - sync has problem with community plugins

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[x ] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.3

My Obsidian sync (on iOS) try to sync unsupported community plugins on mobile and is constantly disconnected when trying to sync their main.js files :frowning: I disabled syncing which plugins are enabled, but I want to sync only their setting (for the supported ones on mobile); After syncing the main.js files of some plugins are deleted from the desktop (plugins like admonitions, data view and citations are disabled because sync delete their main.js files).

With the sync community plugins setting option obsidian on mobile had problem with syncing my daily notes, only after vI disabled the option obsidian stopped trying to sync main.js files and my daily note made on desktop appeared on mobile

I am on 1.0.3 on mobile and 0.12.10 on desktop; my device phone SE 2020, with iOS and Ipad OS 15 beta 2 ( so it may be cause of the problem that I am running iOS beta, desktop run Linux)

iOS 15 beta is the problem.