[Bug] [iOS] - Restoring a deleted file from the system trash doesn't work

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[X] iOS
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Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.14

Sync : iCloud Drive (Strictly)

This is linked to this post in a way but concerns mostly the unauthorized drag-n-drop of files into the Obsidian folder on iCloud (i.e. the free movements of files in that folder) :confused: .

There’s no way to restore deleted files easily right now (with Obsidian setup to send deleted files to the system trash).

Nothing happened if :

  1. I go to the System Trash (on my Mac)
  2. Select a note I just deleted (from Obsidian Mac app’ from a vault in the iCloud Obsidian folder)
  3. Right click on that note to open the menu
  4. Click on Restore

But, there’s a workaround :blush: :

  1. Select the note I want to restore
  2. Right Click on the note to open the menu and select Copy (or Cmd + C)
  3. Open the Obsidian folder on iCloud and open the concerned vault.
  4. Right Click there to open the menu and select Paste the element (or Cmd + v)

Is this fixed now? The post you linked is fixed and drag and drop also works with installers >= 0.12.10.