[Bug] iOS Bullet Points Not Indented Correctly



Obsidian Mobile version: v1.4.0

Loving the new update! But when I add a new line of bullet points, it doesn’t line up visually with the indentation in the live preview, though it looks fine in reading mode.

Could you copy and paste the text of your example into a code block here?

- [[Related Pages]]
    - [[Pages]]
        - [[Candidosis]]
    - [[Oral Infections]]
    - [[Fungal Infections]]
	    - Indent
- Bug
	- Bug level 2
		- Bug level 3

You can see the problem in Source Mode, too. The upper list is using spaces for indentation (except for “Indent” which uses a tab and then spaces) and the lower list is using tabs, and that results in different widths in that font. It doesn’t affect Reading View because Reading View just knows it’s a list and applies the indentation the style sheet says a list should have.

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