[Bug] Insertion point does not jump to tapped location


[X] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.5

In Edit mode, when I dismiss the keyboard, scroll to another location in the document, and then tap, the insertion point appears in its last location, not where I tapped, and the window scrolls to the insertion point location, forcing me to scroll once again to find my desired edit location. This is annoying, disconcerting, and unexpected behavior on iPadOS.

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This doesn’t happen on mine. Have you tried restarting the app or disabling plugins?

Make sure you’re not visiting Preview mode in the process, just dismissing the keyboard.

Yeah, I’m using the button on the mobile toolbar (I rarely use Preview mode).

Right, that’s the Preview button. Instead, tap the “hide” button on the keyboard.

That’s not the Preview button — it’s shaped like a keyboard, it dismisses the keyboard, and it does not trigger Preview mode. There is no “hide” button on the keyboard on iPhone. I’ll try the button you mean on iPad to see what happens.

Problem confirmed on iPad.

As a workaround, you can use the keyboard-dismiss button on the mobile toolbar.

More workarounds:

Swiping from the left or right side of the screen to open a side pane dismisses the keyboard. You don’t have to open it all the way — just a few millimeters does it, and then you can either let go or swipe back the other way without lifting your finger (when you let go the pane usually goes away, but if you’ve pulled it a little too far it will open). I have the keyboard button on my toolbar but mostly use this tiny-swipe method now. It is trickier to open the right side pane with a Slide Over window open, but the Slide Over window dismisses the keyboard too.

You can set the Quick Action (the swipe down from top) to dismiss the keyboard. This is meant to recreate the common iOS behavior of sliding the keyboard away when you scroll down. It’s a rough approximation, tho, and feels janky in comparison. Also I think it might toggle the keyboard, which is a major difference (I might be misremembering; I used the feature for a little while but abandoned it).

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Bump. This is really annoying, counterintuitive, and inconvenient.