[Bug] Indent/unindent buttons on mobile toolbar are opt-in and hard to discover


[ ] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.16

It would be nice to have indent/outdent buttons on the toolbar in the editor in order to indent and outdent lists. I often take notes using lists and use indents to group ideas together.

On a phone, I don’t have a tab button, so what I have to do is press the screen until I get a cursor, move it to the beginning of the line, and then press spacebar until I get the indent I want. A dedicated button to quickly indent/outdent would speed up this process.

Update: I didn’t know these buttons were already in the mobile toolbar until P4r4b0x pointed it out below. These buttons and the “Insert attachment” button are the only ones not included in the toolbar by default. Maybe all the buttons in the toolbar can be included so they are discovered more easily. People can still go into the toolbar configuration and opt-out of any they don’t want.

I’ve updated the title to reflect this as a “bug” and not a feature request.

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There actually is one in the mobile toolbar already. Looks like a few lines with an arrow to the right/left

Thank you! These buttons were not enabled by default (at least for me), so I’ve updated the post to mention this.

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The steps to enable the indent buttons on Android v0.0.17 are:

  1. Open Settings > Mobile
  2. Scroll to the bottom to find the indent buttons
  3. Tap “add” and then tap the “up” buttons a bunch to get them where you want them.

I use nested lists a lot, so these are actually the most important buttons for me on mobile.

I spent a couple days assuming the buttons were missing from the mobile beta, and only found the “customise toolbar” function when I came to this forum to write a feature suggestion (thanks ngoodman and P4r4b0x :slight_smile: ).

My guess is that these buttons should be enabled in a prominent position by default, much as they are on most mobile editor interfaces.

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They are now available by default as of 0.0.18.

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