[Bug] Freeze on first launch

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[ x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.1.0

When you first start the app, it takes a long time to load and freezes. iPhone 7+Device

YouTube video

That is indeed quite bad, are you using any community plugins? Also, what’s the size of your vault, in terms of number of files?

Sorry for the English, I’m writing through a translator. I don’t use any plugins. The storage size is 10 MB and it does not depend on the storage size. I load the second storage which weighs 2 MB and the problem persists. In the video from YouTube, obsidian loads quite quickly. Usually at the first start it hangs longer for 30 seconds.

I checked, the safe mode was turned off, turned it on, it seems to start loading normally, if the freezes return, I will inform you additionally

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Unfortunately, the problem with freezes has not disappeared. In the presented video, I try to open a note, it takes about the same time as in the video, until the application hangs.


P.s. Version 0.1.1