Bug: Find and Replace bar disappears

Bug: find and replace no longer allows to search for next item if you focus on editor and then focus back on input

[direct copy from discord]

I don’t understand what you mean.
post a screen recording of this happening in the help vault.

yea! it happens more consistently with reading mode when you press enter or next. it appears like the height change that was done for the scrollbar affected it maybe. i made a recording of that but in the recording i didnt even press enter this time and it just did it.

i couldnt repr after restarting obsidian for source mode or live preview so ill see later but its the same issue. on source mode and live preview i couldnt click prev or next after wanting to type something inside the note and then jump back into search with the mouse.

find and replace

I haven’t been able to repro.

try the same page with the help vault, thats what im using in the gif. its also the latest build.

Ok I reproed, you need to scroll to the bottom and start the search

nice! thanks

will be fixed 0.13.13

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