[Bug] File Loss iCloud/iPad/Mac Sync


[x ] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.4

File loss on sync

I thought I had seen this before but the file was trivial and I dismissed it. I just now lost a large file into which I was putting many notes.

Chances are that the file was open on mobile and on desktop at the same time.

I opened the file (A) on desktop and cut a block of text from it.

I then created a new file (B) and pasted the cut block of text.

At this point the file list refreshed as it does during a sync and file (A) was gone.

I looked in the trash on the Mac and no file was there.

I tried undoing several steps but my file never returned so it was not manually removed.

There is no other file service being used (other than iCloud) and no automation on the folder.

Do you have iCloud syncing activated for the same folder that is synced with Obsidian Sync? There is a strong suggestion to not have iCloud / any other sync service running for the same files because it will cause problems.

I only had iCloud at the time. I purchased obsidian sync has a result of this file loss. And removed the iCloud sync stuff at that time. My files are now hosted locally and obsidian synch is handling it.

At the time of this file loss only iCloud was being used.

Thanks for the report. It’s a strange scenario. You should be able to keep the same file open on multiple devices and edit them roughly simultaneously on either iCloud Drive sync or Obsidian Sync.

Hard to diagnose from the info we have, unfortunately. If you think of anything else that might have played a role, please add it here!

Of course, I knew that as I wrote that. It might be a bug in iCloud and now that I’ve purchased Obsidian Sync and moved my files off iCloud I doubt it will be a problem.

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