Bug: Duplicating Daily Note template for existing daily note


[ ] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.13

Samsung A30s running Android 10

Sync method: Obsidian Sync

I have the app configured to Open daily note on startup, and to use my Daily Note template when creating new daily notes.

I created my Daily Note on my laptop this morning. I opened the Android app a few hours later, and noticed that the Daily Note template fields were duplicated. Here is the result on desktop:

And on mobile:

The template was added to the top. You can see that by the {{ weather }} tag that hasn’t rendered on mobile as it relies on the Templater plugin.

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This happened to me on iOS.

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.15

Apple iPhone 8, iOS 14.4

Sync method: Obsidian Sync

I do not open Daily Note on start-up.

I first opened today’s daily note on mobile. I do not have the templater plug-in installed, so the daily note was not filled out correctly.

I switch to desktop and opened the daily note. Templater correctly replaced template tags with the right data. I spent several hours entering contents into the daily note.

Later, I opened the daily note on mobile, and it upended the daily note template at the top of the existing daily note. The template tags were not replaced, as expected. All of my previous daily no contact appears below the daily note template.

I think this is the correct behaviour.
If you open a autogenerate a note before obsidian had the chance to sync that note from the cloud copy, you will get a merge of the two.

Except when I tested this, Obsidian had completed a cloud sync before I opened the mobile app.

Same here. Obsidian was open on my desktop, so the synch should have happened way before I opened the note on mobile.

Yes, I think it syncs to Obsidian vault. But not to your local vault on mobile. I think that sync on mobile starts only when you open the application. So it takes some time (depends on how many notes it has to sync.