[Bug] Content not updating after update through nextcloud


[ ] iOS
[X] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.5

I’ve setup sync between my desktop and the app through nextcloud.
I’ve opened the synced vault with the app by browsing to the synced folder (within nextcloud sync tree), and it worked (I could see the content).
Then I’ve added more content on the desktop. Nextcloud app synced the content to my phone.
But then Obsidian is not showing the new content, it still only shows the “old” set of files and folders. Restarting Obsidian (closing, but also killing the app) didn’t help.
I’ve also checked the sync, there are no conflicts etc… everything is present (incl the .obsidian directory with its json files)

I’ve found no “refresh” or “sync from filesystem” function in Obsidian.

→ Bug, feature, or now way to get this to work ?

Any pointer ?

Many thanks