Bug: Community Plugins list don't load on my phone? Empty list of plugins displayed in Community Plugins > Browse with no search results

When attempting to access the list of community plugins through the following steps:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select Community plugins
  3. Choose Browse

An empty list of plugins is displayed and remains so for at least 50 minutes. This issue persists even when entering text in the search bar, as the search results show “No result found.” Clearing the search query does not resolve the issue, and the list remains empty.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open the application
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. Select Community plugins
  4. Choose Browse

Expected result: A list of community plugins should be displayed, allowing users to browse and install available plugins.

Actual result: An empty list of plugins is shown, with no results found even when searching for specific plugins.

Additional information: The issue has been encountered and tested on multiple occasions, with consistent results. The issue persists for at least 50 minutes, and clearing the search query does not resolve the problem.

Do you also have an issue with loading community themes?

If so, it could be a network issue.

Try changing your DNS, using a wi-fi network instead of your mobile connection (or vice versa), a VPN, etc.

Yes, the same problem with themes! I want to try a VPN.

Without VPN and with German VPN is equal result

But I remember what yesterday it’s working correctly.

With WiFi doesn’t work, only mobile connection.

Fixed from the provider or from an update.

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