[Bug] Cmd + W quits app instead of closing tabs on iPad

Platform iPad

[X] iOS

Obsidian Mobile version: v 1.4.1


Hi there. I have noticed a bug on the iPad app. When used with the keyboard, the shortcut Cmd + W to close a tab quits the app instead of closing a tab… At first I thought maybe this was on Apple’s end but the shortcut works just fine on other non Apple apps on the iPad. It’s annoying because I end up constantly quitting the app through habit.
Oh and yes, I have set the hotkey correctly in Obsidian too close tabs via Cmd + W.

I don’t have this problem on 1.4.1. It’s closing tabs as expected.

Can you please paste your “Show debug info”? Or test with plugins turned off.

(I was also trying to see if there is a similar “Close window” command in iPadOS, but there isn’t. I think it’s possible to map multiple commands to a hotkey. It will show up as red, but it is still possible. So I’m not sure.)

@rigmarole Sure you’re on 1.4.1? :wink: This happened for me as well with 1.4.1.

It’s fixed in 1.4.2 (90) which will be released to the public (hopefully) soon!



Yep 1.4.1 (83).

Strange. Maybe it wasn’t a universal problem. Anyway, good that it’s known and will be fixed.

@somethinghappy I’ll mark this as closed for now, but I’ll leave the thread open for feedback after 1.4.2 is released to public. Thanks for the report.

Heh. Well consider yourself lucky! It was driving me nuts and I remapped ‘close tab’ to ctrl+w on iPad but still hit cmd+w half the time.

Apologies for questioning your version number. I’ve been burned a few times posing longish replies (in help and bug reports) not remembering I’m on an insider build. Doesn’t help anyone. Slowed that right down. Only test forum issues with v1.0.3 or v1.1.9 now. :+1:

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Not at all, thank you! And yeah really good call on tests.