[Bug] Cannot use Cmd+W as hotkey on iPadOS


[X] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.3.1 (67)

iPadOS Version: 16.1

When attempting to use the default Cmd+W hotkey to close the active pane, the entire app is closed instead. Attempting to manually bind Cmd+W in the hotkeys settings also closes the app and doesn’t bind the hotkey.


I am running into this issue as well and it is wildly frustrating! Have you managed to find a fix?

This is still an issue as of end-of-October 2022. Obsidian Devs! Please help!

My current workaround is to bind Ctrl+W as the close pane hotkey instead. It works, but it’d be better to be able to use Cmd+W.

This just happened after i upgraded to iPadOS 16. Could it be related to some new change in iOS?

Possible, I was already on iPasOS 16 when I started using Obsidian on iPad, so I don’t know if the behavior was different before.

I believe that iPadOS introduced Cmd + W as a global shortcut to close apps. But in most apps, the specific actions that Cmd + W usually does takes precedence, like closing tabs in Safari. For some reason it just doesn’t seem to be working that way in Obsidian…


I also believe this is new (mis-)behavior in iPadOS 16.1. I’m fairly sure I wasn’t hitting it on 15.7. Pretty vexing, since hitting ⌘-W to close a tab is pretty far down into motor memory for me. FWIW, I’m seeing this in the current insider build 1.4.1 (83).

I can confirm that cmd + w closes tabs, then the app in Safari. Can we get the same effect here?

+1, seeing the same behavior.

Also no way that I am aware of override a hotkey on a single device if sync is enabled, otherwise I would have the iPad-specific app be ctrl+w (but it would still be an issue, since Safari and Chrome exhibit proper behavior), and then the Mac app use cmd+w.


Same issue here. I thought this was an iPadOS issue, but I now see it’s a per app solution which works as expected (close tab) in other apps. Other browsers for iPadOS like Firefox, do support the tab close with ⌘+W.

Since it’s such a reflex I very often close the app because of this. Very annoying…

+1, this is a joy killer :sweat_smile:
Please consider a fix!


+1, hope it updates soon

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Came here to also add that this is a joy killer and would love a fix! <3

+1 - same issue here

will be fixed in 1.4.2

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