[Bug] Cannot open vault on Android 8.1 : Symbol.asynciterator is not defined


[ ] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.18

I attempted to use Obsidian Mobile on a rather atypical device: an eInk, Android-based tablet/notebook, the Bookeen Notéa.

The OS is Android 8.1, but Bookeen hints that it is a modified version with optimizations for the eInk screen, and a custom launcher and settings apps for a simplified access to the note-taking features.

So far, all applications I have downloaded on the Play Store did work, but Obsidian struggles when it comes to open a newly created vault, with the following message shown as soon as I pick a vault name from the list:

An error occured while loading Obsidian. Symbol.asyncIterator is not defined.

See attached screenshot.

This is clearly an edge case, this device is rather unusual, but if you have some spare time to have a look at what can cause this, I would gladly provide any additional information you would need.

  • Frederic

You’ll need to find a way to update your Android WebView component. Obsidian was built with slightly more modern technology, so unfortunately it’ll require your device to get an update for that component. I believe most devices should be able to get an update for that pretty easily, especially if Google Play Store is working. Hopefully you find a way to get it updated!

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