[BUG] Backspace deletes only last character of highlighted text on Android

Steps to reproduce

  1. Highlight some text in a note
  2. Hit backspace

Expected result

All highlighted text is deleted

Actual result

Only the last character is deleted


  • Operating system: Android 12
  • Debug info:
    Login status: not logged in
    Live preview: off
    Legacy editor: on
    Base theme: dark
    Community theme: none
    Snippets enabled: 0
    Safe mode: on
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I can’t reproduce this.

Post a screen recording.

This is a problem with lists, for example. Try highlighting this and hit backspace:

Hit backspace how? with the virtual keyboard (which one?) or do you have a physical keyboard attached?

Soft keyboard. GBoard (the Google one). On a Samsung A72 if that helps.

Also seems to be a problem for frontmatter sections (i.e. --- followed by Yaml)

Yes It is a common problem. I also have the same. You mean you can’t delete all selected text of a list at once. I hope this will explain the problem. If I am wrong please correct it.

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Thanks it happens only when the text is selected and light blue/green bubble are present.

does it happen in source mode?
does it happen here https://codemirror.net/6/

Yes. If you looked closely at my screenshot above you would have noticed the **bolded text** with the *'s showing.


This may be fixed in Obsidian Mobile v1.3

No, it’s not fixed and is still here in 1.4.1 (82).
I am using a different keyboard (not stock or Gboard), and it happens not only with lists, but for any other text with me — the last character in the selection gets deleted, the selection gets dropped. It does not matter if the selection is made in the middle or the end of the note.
If only one word is selected (with or without spaces around it)— it gets deleted fine.
Two words and a space in-between is also fine! But two words and a space before or after — it fails.
A partial selection of two words works fine, but a partial one for three — fails.

This particular problem is forcing me to keep using other apps for editing notes.

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I also have this problem on a Pixel 4a, using Gboard. Obsidian 1.4.1 (83)

I can’t reproduce anymore in 1.4.2. Is this fixed for you too?