[Bug] Backlink Mention anomaly?

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[X] iPadOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.14

I’ve encountered a potential anomaly while using the Backlink Mention Pane.

  1. Note 1 has YAML Aliases: [Fou]

  2. Note 2 has an manually entered external link
    [Fou] (http ://www.fou.com)

  3. Note 1 will show Note 2 in Unlinked Mentions.

  4. Trying to Link Note 2 to Note 1 will-
    a. Place another set of brackets around the link in Note 1 that contained [Fou] making the string have two brackets - [[Fou]], AND
    b. The process creates a new Note named - [Fou

  5. The Unlinked Mention disappears in the list and does not show up in the Linked Mentions.

is this a mobile specific problem?

No, can reproduce on Mac (edited 7/6).