[Bug] Adjust pane size in iOS with touch only


[x] iOS iPadOS 15.2
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: TestFlight 1.0.5

Hi I’ve mainly used obsidian on my ipad, without a keyboard for a long time. I’ve used it briefly on a desktop a long time ago, and just assumed of the limitations going into ipad.

Only just now got an external keyboard for my ipad and using the trackpad.

Omg, I can click on the bar between the different panes and adjust the size!!!

So the bug is, with touchscreen purely, I can’t adjust the size of the panes freely, or don’t know how to.

Hi playing around more with it right now,

With touch screen, I can kind of move the bar and nudge it a inch to the right, but I can’t control it.