Broken imported roam lists - mystery - help!

There is some mystery problem with all the imported roam lists in my vault.

  1. the (native) vertical indentation guides always misalign slightly (see screenshot lines 6-7) but
  2. the problem goes deeper, as the ‘Outliner’ plugin doesn’t work on them either!

I’ve concentrated the problem in the test screenshot and attached file below - the blocks are identical (?!) but the two block lists behave different—Outliner only works for the bottom one?

What is the difference between these two bits of text? I’m totally baffled.

72c62cd6f14583812939e42e260100bc8350a4b0_2_625x500 (404 Bytes)

Things I have tried

  • disabled all theme and plugins (obviously) - so not a font issue.
  • turned (obsidian) indentation setting off and on again.
  • find and replaced the “ -” spacing in the document to be exactly what obsidian itself produces.

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