BrainPress: Self-Publish Your Obsidian Vault, Supports Canvas

Obsidian Publish doesn’t currently support Canvas files… so I’m releasing BrainPress, an open-source self-publishing option using NextJS, and optimized for serverless hosting on Vercel. You can now build a website with Canvas files!

Github: GitHub - zachdoty/BrainPress
Discord: BrainPress
Demo link:

If anyone wants to help with this project DM me, here or on Discord.

Any feature requests?


That’s cool!

Do you see how the graph could be used there? So that you can navigate between canvas, notes, etc, visually, kinda based on the semantic?

Hey Louis! Great suggestion. Maybe I should add the graph back in. Right now the Canvas is more useful to me on publishing than the graph… which is why I made BrainPress… but I think I’ll probably add Graph support soon.

Also thinking about doing some fun stuff with GPT integrated directly on the site… and maybe adding interactive features for users to comment on pages / etc.

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+1 for adding graph support, for me that’s the killer feature of Obsidian that I need in my published vaults.

I tried and it looks like canvas + card are shown.
but if I add note, it not shown.


  1. note not supported yet?
  2. do you have a plan?

Hey @zachd

Thanks for sharing your work.

Is it possible to avoid server?
I (and many other users) would like to have static html (css/js/svg) files and avoid running some nodejs server.