Bookmark Quick Switcher Temporary Workaround

This is for anyone that wants to exclude bookmarks from their quick switcher, since they have priority over file names.

Hopefully, we will get an option in the near future to set the priority of items in quick switcher.

.suggestion-item.mod-complex:has(.lucide-bookmark) {
  display: none !important;

> Open settings with Ctrl+P
> Click Appearance
> Click “Open snippets folder”
> Create a FileNameHere.css file with the code above
> Click Reload snippets
> Toggle the new snippet on

You have to click the file you want to open, simply pressing enter isn’t enough and will open the wrong file.
Sorry that I couldn’t find a better workaround T.T

Thank you!

I ended up doing it for the search icon:

.suggestion-item.mod-complex:has(.lucide-search) {
  display: none !important;

I do hope there will be the option to exclude bookmarks in the future.