Bookmark/highlight and hyperlink video and audio files

Could you please make that possible?
it’ll turn obsidian into an unstoppable juggernaut in note-taking.
it should be something as simple as

  • toggling an extension and select the part to annotate.
    • using the cursor to select portions of the video/audio (from the progress bar).
    • (or) getting an option to select the media file → then getting the option to mention the start and end time of the highlight/bookmark.
  • then just typing " [[ " would let us hyperlink that portion of the audio/video file to separate/same page.
    • (basically treat it like any string of text on obsidian).
      • i.e. link that portion on the media to a different page or portion of the same page.
      • embed links/text/pictures/audio/video.
      • colour code it.
      • etc…

kind of like the recording feature in Samsung notes/Notability. but much, MUCH more powerful.
but, i feel like linking stuff to live recording would be heavy work, so well can start from annotating pre-existing recordings and move up.

How I’ll use that.

  1. to annotate lectures.
  2. annotate audiobooks.
  3. brainstorm. (just throw out everything that comes to my mind without worrying about how I’m going to organize it.)
  4. take effective notes, and make my notes waaaaay more engaging to keep my monkey brain engaged.
  5. this would be of tremendous help for me (or ppl like me) someone with Dyslexia and ADHD.

How ppl might use this

  1. annotate podcasts, youtube videos.
  2. easily take note of college lectures.
  3. take effective music lessons. and improve their practice.

I’m not sure how much any of this code could be reused, but this script for Roam works pretty well: Responsive YouTube Player and YouTube Timestamp for Roamresearch · GitHub

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is there a way to use it this for obsidian?

I don’t know. Someone with more code experience might be able to port it over. There is also an existing Obsidian plugin that works with videos and time stamps.

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do you mean this one?

are there more that i am missing?

Yeah, that’s the one. It didn’t do tinestamps originally but it does now and it’s great.

just in case if people are interested… i found 2 apps that can perform this function . Of course, they are dedicated apps & i’ve found no way to integrate them with obsidian as of now…

  • disclaimer… neither of them have the ability to highlight a portion of the media clip & annotate that. just like the extended media plugin they only add bookmarks/time stamps to the said media file and link them to the note.

  • what difference does it make? well not much. with these, you know where the notes are supposed to go… i.e. you know where the important parts start but, but you won’t know where they end. Not a huge deal breaker IMO

  1. Liner - it’s a general web highlighter, their new feature to highlight online videos (mostly youtube as of now) is pretty useful if you only want to take notes from youtube.

  2. Noted - as annoying as it is, all good apps lay within apple’s walled garden and noted is a good example of that. - it can annotate both audia and video

p.s. both are freemium apps

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+1 for this feature

Video and Audio are important sources of information that I want to include in my notes. However, they are typically long and it would really help to apply bookmarks in order to better locate the information that I need.