Bookmark feature in notes/canvas to improve performance

Use case or problem

I use the canvas feature a lot and have made a slow transition from Excalidraw to this, but there is an issue i’m facing and is one of the embedding inside a canvas choking my computer completely every time it has to load, i have a couple of these with youtube videos and website links.

But the thing is i don’t don’t need to load every video and every website inside the canvas everytime I open it, i don’t think is efficient and some links i don’t even need them to load in the first place.

Proposed solution

The best way i see to solve this is to create either a setting or a special block that works as a “plain bookmark” similar to the approach Notion has to embeds, where it retrieves some info but not the whole website.

It looks like this.

Also would be nice to have something closer to this design inside notes (as an option) for certain links.

Current workaround

Only thing that has helped me a bit with this is setting the zoom level for items to render on the canvas, the issue is i have to remember the positioning of everything and have to be very accurate when zooming in so everything doesn’t load at the same time.