Bookmark a train of thought

Use case or problem

In preview mode, I can hover over links, and it pops up a tooltip-like window. That has more links that pop up. I can follow threads of thought or definition hierarchies at will and it is awesome.

Sometimes these threads are very interesting and I would like to safe them so I can recall or recover them later.

Proposed solution

I would like to have a star icon on the latest popup pane - left of the link icon.
Clicking that star icon will create an entry in the starred items that will recreate the entire journey that’s on my screen now.
Clicking on this new type of star item in the star list will recreate the full stack of popups in the current pane.

Much later this could be integrated with a spaced repetition feature.

Current workaround (optional)

Take a screenshot… here it is… But it’s dead. I can’t go back and follow different but similar paths.


Great idea. Would be cool if you could branch it as well.