Book Search plugin bug

I am in despair

The book search plugin, which was working so wonderfully, and which recently discovered, has suddenly stopped working.

For some reason I am now completely unable to query the frontmatter data fro my Book Search template. Here is an example of the template for on of my books →

title: Shinto
publisher: Oxford University Press
publish_date: 2017
pages: 721

Backlinks - [[Shinto Application]] /


Author:: [[Helen Hardacre]]

and here is the query I attempted to use to retrieve some of the data above →

TABLE title, cover_url, pages
FROM "The Library"

Yet despite my best efforts, “No Results To Show For Table Query”, even after editing the frontmatter tags. The Library is the folder within which I place my book notes.
What can I do?

You probably have a file with bad frontmatter. I suspect this will stop the query from working.

I would try to diagnose the problem by:

  1. Starting a new vault
  2. Install and enable the plugin
  3. Add one file and observe it working
  4. Incrementally add files until it breaks so you can identify the broken file.
  5. Fix and repeat

Once all the files are fixed, go back to your original vault with the fixes.

I wonder if there is a “linter” for markdown that can speed up the process to identify broken files.

Good luck!!

Apologies, but since I am fairly inexperienced in these matters, what do you mean by “broken file”? I have duplicated the notes which where failing to function in my first vault and dataview can query them without issue in the second vault, but there is no difference in the structure of my notes or queries between vaults.

Never-mind, I have quit and re-started Obsidian and everything is working again

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