Bolder, Bluer Icon = stop accidentally clicking on OmniFocus 😁

Obsidian and Omnifocus are my most used apps, and live beside each other in my dock. The weak (no offense😅) purples are too similar. I’ve always wished the Obsidian icon was bolder, it’s a bold app!

No more clashing purples!
Not Purple Obsidian and Omni (325.6 KB)

omnifocus icon

Why not make a bolder purple? After all, Obsidian’s color IS purple.

Because I’m trying to untrain the mental pattern of “go click on purple icon to do work” created through use of OF for so long. I need neither to be purple to get out of that habit. Does that make sense?

Also, MY vault is more on the blue side. :grinning:

Ha ha ! Nice one, it’s funny to see that someone else has exactly the same problem as me: “want to click on something satisfactory related to work progress – click the purple icon!”

I’ll try your icon to see what it does, but I think I already succeeded looking for a purple gem or check instead of just purple :slight_smile: