Bold and italic CSS variables don't work in block quotes

The new CSS variables in 0.16 for bold and italic colors don’t affect block quotes in live preview.
Here’s live preview and reading view side by side.


Here’s the markdown.

**bold** *italic*
> **bold** *italic*

Here’s the snippet:

body {
  --italic-color: #a19511;
  --bold-color: #197300;
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The same bug occurs in 1.1.9 still. Why was it moved to the bug graveyard (yet it’s still tracked)?

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Yeah, I’m running into this too. Here’s a screenshot of the issue and the inspector—

The original Markdown—

[How do you efficiently take notes from physical books? : ObsidianMD]( is a great discussion about a subject that I constantly struggle with. 

> I have been trying to improve my note-taking from physical books. **I find if I don’t take notes as I read, I don’t ever take notes**; the task just seems too *daunting*. I take notes after I finish a section or chapter. I write 2-3 sentences of what the main takeaways are. If I have more time, I outline key points with page numbers. If I have more time, I transcribe excerpts that caught my attention. I then begin pick the book back up and resume reading.

From the inspector, the selector .cm-s-obsidian is overruling b, strong, .cm-strong (where the .cm-strong is what applies here).

A workaround is adding the CSS snippet: { color: var(--bold-color); } { color: var(--italic-color); }
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