Blurry text or it's fine

Font on obsidian/some based apps on electron is blurry or not crispy enough. Obsidian use grayscale instead subpixel rendering.
OS - Windows 10
Left - just notepad. Right - Obsidian.
Here’s a possible solution to the problem.


Same problem. I also use Windows 10

By the way, everything is fine in the visual studio code, although it also works on electron

Hi, same problem here with Windows 10, but not with Manjaro Linux up to date.

Is this something that developers should implement or I can change something anywhere?

Please, tell me what to do. I can’t use Obsidian on Windows because of that, the blurry font won’t let me use. I have already tried everything on “how to fix blurry font on window 10” but nothing changed.


I am on Win10 and I don’t have this problem. What’s your screen resolution?

Default 1080x1920. I don’t think it’s a screen resolution, the electron recognizes the problem and a possible solution at the very beginning. Can you please attach an enlarged screenshot, I’m surprised you don’t have such a problem.

What is your screen size?
Anyway, we’ll have a look into this.

24 inches. I use obsidian in full screen, sometimes not. i tried to change windows and nvidia settings to get subpixel rendering, but everything stays in grayscale.
i tried to use property “-webkit-font-smoothing: subpixel-antialiased;” nothing has changed.
Thanks for your attention.

We will try to fix this in a future release

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will be fixed in 0.9.21

Posting incase it helps anyone else with this issue:
I found the cause to be FXAA being enabled globally on my computer. I turned it off for obsidian through Nvidia control panel, now the text is crisp.

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